Monday, April 6, 2020

*Revision Notice*

Folks, with all the “updates” consistently bombarding our email inbox, I’ve decided to send out a message that is a little less well…. let’s say distressing. We know, we get it. The world is a bit upside down right now and notices of change are inevitable. However, if you’re anything like me, a lighter verbiage might be desired to lift the spirits. So with this in mind, perhaps a more favorable replacement may be that my notice is nothing more than a “revision.”

Seems quite possible that the end of the quarantine is leaning on the side of undetermined rather than definite. Despite what some of you lovely people might think, piano tuning and repair services definitely does not fall under the category of “essential personnel.” So what to do? Well, I’m going to be honest with all of you, coming up with a plan for overall business health and retention has been a struggle of the mind and heart. I have decided that the best direction forward is to take a 3-month sabbatical with the possibility of an extension, circumstances depending. 

**So what happens in the interim? Keep emailing me with your requests and I’ll get you on a waiting list. Once it is safe for all of us to be out and about again, I’ll start scheduling you in the order your requests were received. Since it is likely that I’ll need to find temporary work between now and then, please expect check-ins on the business to be no more than once or twice a month. Your patience and understanding is appreciated beyond words.

For those of you who are interested, I have set up an account with GoFundMe’s Small Business Relief Fund under the name - ‘She’s My Piano Tuner.’ Of course, nothing is expected but any gift is not accepted without gratitude. Here is the link to my campaign:

Please know I am so grateful to all of my clients for your years of support of my pursuit into the profession of piano technology. I could not have made it to this point in my life without you. This work is one that is uniquely challenging, highly misunderstood and at times during this modern era, almost feels as though it is becoming a thing of the past. Thanks to all of you, this will not happen. My hope is that whether your piano is perfectly tuned or not, that you will keep on playing. Remember, I’m not your piano teacher. I don’t care how well you play, just that you don’t stop letting the piano do for your what it has always done for me - get you through the good, the not so good and the “Can we try that again?!?” moments of life. 

Below I’ve include a few links I thought you might find fun and/or interesting. Thank you again for your support, understanding and patience. 

Sending peace, kindness and good health, from my home to yours! 


Vada Dunford


Attune Piano on Flickr
Pictures from my adventures of life in and around pianos since I opened my doors as a sole proprietor in 2013. The link will take you straight to the photostream, but feel free to click over to the albums page to browse the different categories there: 

Piano Technicians Guild
One of the most well-known sources for piano technology for both technicians and clients alike. 

Piano Buyer
A free online resources for buying, selling and maintaining new, used and digital pianos.

Price Point Piano
Guide for consumers and technicians. The articles on this free site are definitely worth the read. 

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Covid-19 Action Update

Well it’s no secret that life is anything but the normal routine these days because of the Covid-19 virus. So in an attempt to do my part in maintaining individual and community health, I will be temporarily closing business to any and all field work. This means that all piano servicing appointments have been postponed and I will not be scheduling any work until further notice. 

I hope, as do we all, that this disruption will resolve sooner than later. Once the threat of passing along infection has significantly reduced and that social distancing is no longer needed, I will send out a notice and start scheduling piano tuning appointments on a first come, first serve basis. 

Thank you for the understanding, support and encouragement that you have given over the years, and for the many yet to come. 

Stay well!

Vada Dunford, Owner/Technician 
Attune Piano Services 

Sunday, January 14, 2018

New Piano Tuner to Visit Juneau

I am please to announce that my trusted colleague, Stephen Cinti, will be joining me on my next piano servicing trip to Southeast Alaska. He will be assisting me in Juneau while I am working on the pianos in Haines and Petersburg. 

Dates of travel will be as follows: 

February 22nd - March 2nd: Juneau / Stephen
February 23rd - March 2nd: Haines / Vada
March 5th - March 8th: Petersburg / Vada

If you would like to schedule an appointment, email or call (360) 202-8040

Thank you Southeast Alaska for your continued support!!

A Little More About Stephen:

Stephen Cinti’s interest in pianos began in childhood when he took piano lessons from his mother. As a teenager in Boise, Idaho, he diversified his musical pursuits by taking up electric guitar, and playing with various bands in the Boise area. This eventually led to musical studies at the Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles. After completing his degree in contemporary guitar performance, Stephen moved to the Live Music Capital of the World (Austin, TX) to see what kind of a life he could make for himself in the pursuit of musical performance. While living there, he met his wife, Samantha. While continuing to pursue a career with playing guitar, Stephen wasn’t satisfied with needing to have an office job to make ends meet, and began exploring a work that could also be a passion. Through some conversations and meetings, he learned about the possibilities offered in a career in piano technology. He remembers fondly his first meeting with Steve Walthall, the regional Vice-President of the Piano Technician’s Guild. As he walked through Walthall’s workshop, he was overcome with the sense that this was exactly what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Afterwards, he began apprenticing with Mr. Walthall and then started his own business as a full-time piano technician in Austin and the surrounding areas. Stephen is a Registered Piano Technician with the Piano Technicians Guild, and in his business, Stephen serves individuals, organizations, and does contract work for the local Steinway Gallery, as well as for the all-Steinway school Huston-Tillotson University. When he’s not tuning or repairing pianos, Stephen continues to be an active part of the Austin music scene as a session guitar player. Stephen and Samantha also enjoy visiting with friends or planning trips to colder climates, another passion that Stephen looks forward to marrying with his love for pianos. 

Monday, May 23, 2016

News From a Local Music Store

Piper Music in Bellingham has a new owner! Congratulations to Dr. William Brooke for this new chapter in his life. Dr. Brooke has a diverse background of education and experience in both music and business. Looking forward to meeting him and seeing the positive changes he will bring to the area.


Please of June 3rd, Piper Music will be located at: 
1705 N. State Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

They will be open until May 28th at the current location: 
2512 Meridian Street

Bellingham, WA 98225

Related Websites: 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Long Did It Take You to Learn How to Do This Work?

This is one of the most frequent questions that I am asked at any of my appointments. I have to laugh a little as I respond that piano technology is field where it is not how long it took but that it takes a lifetime of continuing education and refinement. This past weekend was one of those grand opportunities for further learning and growth. I attended the Piano Technicians Guild’s four-day regional conference in Seattle known as WestPAC. Taking classes in field repairs, business organization, shop and tool refinement, Yamaha’s Disklavier Player Pianos, action rebuilding with composite material, action regulation, voicing techniques and tone regulation. Some of the things taught I had heard many times before but it never gets old for me. All subjects discussed bring a beneficial awareness of an ability to offer higher quality service. But more than anything, I left this conference re-inspired by the instructors and leaders of WestPAC. Many of these men and woman have dedicated decades of their lives to this often overlooked industry. Not only do they teach and lead by example, but they are also excited to finish teaching their class so they can attend another instructor’s class in hopes to learn something new and different. I am honored to be a part of this fine organization. And I look forward to the next conference and my lifetime of learning all the beautiful complexities of the piano. 

Monday, March 28, 2016

We Want to Feel Human

Click to listen:
Click to Read Article & Watch Video:'s Piano

There is a story that keeps resurfacing into my consciousness. Recent world events in Belgium have brought my thoughts back to the beautiful story of "Saving Gaza's Last Piano." Tim Whewell of BBC News published this article March 26, 2015. If you are asking what Belgium has to do with a piano in Gaza, please read on. The Music Fund is a Belgium based, non-profit organization that collects, repairs and sends musical instruments to musicians and music schools in conflict areas and developing countries. Amongst the many humanitarian projects was this piano in Gaza.

One of the most powerful things brought out in the article to me is why they desired music to be a priority in their lives despite the lack for basic necessities of life. In their words, "We want to feel human." Playing piano and enjoying music allowed them this ability. I hope you take the time in the busy of your day to sit and enjoy a few brief moments with your piano. Allow it to give back to you a gift of more than just being. The freedom to feel human.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Music Lessons in a Digital World

On occasion I am asked where to find a qualified piano teacher. Of course I will always support my local teachers and small business owners through the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and other similar organizations. However, not every good teacher has an opening when one is seeking to secure a spot as a student. And in this ever increasing fast-paced world, is there the opportunity to take travel time out of a busy schedule for these kind of lessons. The solution - online music lessons. We've all heard about the possibility but where to go for qualified lessons? 

Recently I stumbled across an online company that offers what appears to be just the right fit for both teachers looking to teach and students seeking to learn online. Musika was founded in 2001 by Edward Scott Brady; a classically trained cellist with an impressive resume of performing on the highest levels internationally. It's worth a glance if this is an area of even remote interest for you or someone you know.

To learn more about Musika's online lessons, click this link: