Monday, December 14, 2015

Music Lessons in a Digital World

On occasion I am asked where to find a qualified piano teacher. Of course I will always support my local teachers and small business owners through the Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) and other similar organizations. However, not every good teacher has an opening when one is seeking to secure a spot as a student. And in this ever increasing fast-paced world, is there the opportunity to take travel time out of a busy schedule for these kind of lessons. The solution - online music lessons. We've all heard about the possibility but where to go for qualified lessons? 

Recently I stumbled across an online company that offers what appears to be just the right fit for both teachers looking to teach and students seeking to learn online. Musika was founded in 2001 by Edward Scott Brady; a classically trained cellist with an impressive resume of performing on the highest levels internationally. It's worth a glance if this is an area of even remote interest for you or someone you know.

To learn more about Musika's online lessons, click this link:

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Do You Know Lang Lang?

Last week I tuned a piano for a nice gentleman in Bellingham. Upon entering the home and seeing the piano, he asked "Do you know Lang Lang?" Hmmm.... Do I know Lang Lang? You mean one the most well known concert pianist of our time? The flamboyant, entertaining pianist that's featured on many a documentaries about the piano? That Lang Lang? Yes! I know who Lang Lang is! "Well," my good natured client continued, "the previous owner had this piano in New York. Lang Lang played it and stated it was his most favorite Steinway B in all of New York City." Now folks, we all love our pianos and more especially love a good story that goes with our pianos. But I've learned in my experience that these stories are not always true. I proceeded to prep the piano for tuning keeping my doubts to myself. I lifted the lid and wouldn't you know - Lang Lang signed the inside! 

Well it serves me right this slice of humble pie. All in the day and life of a piano tuner. We never know what we will find under the lid of our next piano. ;)