Monday, March 28, 2016

We Want to Feel Human

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There is a story that keeps resurfacing into my consciousness. Recent world events in Belgium have brought my thoughts back to the beautiful story of "Saving Gaza's Last Piano." Tim Whewell of BBC News published this article March 26, 2015. If you are asking what Belgium has to do with a piano in Gaza, please read on. The Music Fund is a Belgium based, non-profit organization that collects, repairs and sends musical instruments to musicians and music schools in conflict areas and developing countries. Amongst the many humanitarian projects was this piano in Gaza.

One of the most powerful things brought out in the article to me is why they desired music to be a priority in their lives despite the lack for basic necessities of life. In their words, "We want to feel human." Playing piano and enjoying music allowed them this ability. I hope you take the time in the busy of your day to sit and enjoy a few brief moments with your piano. Allow it to give back to you a gift of more than just being. The freedom to feel human.

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